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Engine Information - Why Are Engine Important

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle.N&J 4everIt is essential to keep the engine in proper running condition, that’s why it is important to make sure that your engine parts are working properly. Your engine is separated into different parts, from fuel and intake to cooling and external auto parts. All of these parts work together to make an engine that runs at the highest possible performance. Replacing faulty engine auto parts with high quality performance alternatives will help boost your fuel efficiency and provide increased power to your vehicle.

Air Conditioning & Heating

The heating aspect of your vehicle is a relatively simple one. Hot coolant is circulated through the heater core in your vehicle, a fan blows air over the coils of the heater core which heats the air and then blows the hot air into your cabin. The heater control valve is used to control the amount of hot air circulating through your heating system. Your air conditioning system is a bit more complicated. Refrigerant is pumped through ac hoses and lines from different parts in order to create the right temperature. The refrigerant is turned into a hot gas inside the compressor, that hot air is then cooled inside the condenser and turned back into a liquid. The expansion valve controls the amount of pressure the refrigerant is put under, which controls the temperature of the system. While waiting to go through the expansion valve the refrigerant is stored in a receiver/dryer. The gas that comes out of the expansion valve is cool, which in turn cools off the evaporator. A blower fan then blows air over the cooled evaporator, cooling the air before pumping it into your cabin.

Air Intake

Air entering your vehicle is drawn in by long plastic tubing. The only thing separating your engine and that air is an air filter. The air filter is used to ensure that no particles of debris are allowed to enter your engine. After using an air filter to remove any contaminants, the air is mixed with fuel and moved to the intake manifold. The intake manifold sends your fuel to air mix into the engine, coolant also is sent through the intake manifold to control temperature. Your mass air flow sensor is located just inside the engine and is used to measure the speed of and amount of airflow that is entering your air intake so that your engine control unit can fine tune your air to fuel ratio. Your fuel systems works parallel to your air intake and your exhaust system is used to remove the leftover fuel and air as fast as possible. Typically your throttle body is located after the air filter box and before the intake manifold. Throttle bodies are used to control the amount of air and fuel that enters the engine. Other air intake misc. accessories include parts like the engine air intake heater and engine air intake hose. These are used for the control of your air intake. Your engine’s turbo charger or super charger are used to increase the pressure of the mixture of fuel and air to provide increased efficiency. A turbocharger is the performance version of the supercharger and is powered by exhaust gas. If you are looking for a higher performance air intake system, a cold air intake system would be good for you. Cold air intake systems work on the principle that cold air has a higher density of oxygen and therefore can burn at a higher intensity.

Engine Cooling System

Your engine cooling system begins with the belts, hoses, and clamps. These auto parts are like your engine’s veins. Engine oil and coolant travel through the hoses and most of the engine cooling systems auto parts are driven off your belts, specifically the fan belt. The fan belt operates the fan and fan assembly which are used to blow cool air over the engine. These work by having the fan belt operate the fan motor. The fan clutch helps control the speed and time of the fan and fan assembly in order to properly cool the engine. Another aspect of your engine cooling system is the radiator. The radiator uses engine coolant to make water very cold. That water is then pumped through the water pump and into the engine. The water is used to cool off parts of the engine and then is drained back into the radiator. The engine oil is like the blood of the engine, and in order to prevent your vehicle’s blood from boiling you need and engine oil cooler. The engine oil cooler is used to ensure that your oil is kept cool. Most of these parts are cooled with engine coolant, which causes the engine coolant to heat up and expand. When this happens the coolant has to go somewhere, this is the coolant recovery. All of your engine cooling system is dependant on your thermostat. The engine thermostat determines whenever the engine heats up too much and then activates your engine cooling system.

Internal Engine

Your internal engine is made up of many different moving parts. These parts must work together in order to keep your engine running and working properly. One of these parts is the Cam, Lifters & Top End Components. Cams, lifters, and top end components include essential parts such as your camshaft and all the components that go with it. Your camshaft operates the valves in your engine by rotating and forcing them open and shut. Another important part of your internal engine is the connecting rod. Connecting rods connect the piston to the crankshaft, conrods need to be made from high quality materials and be able to withstand harsh elements. Crank Shafts & Components include the balance shaft, crankshaft, and all the components that go with them. Crankshafts are the part of your engine that turn the movement of the pistons into rotation for the engine. Cylinder Heads are used to close the top of the cylinder. Cylinder heads are essential to forming the combustion chamber, without them there would be no control over the burn of fuel. Oil Pumps & Pick-ups are used to pressurize and move oil throughout the engine. There are many different parts and full oil pumps that can help you to do a replacement or repair. Pistons & Rings are used to pressurize the fuel and air mixture inside your chamber in order to cause a perfect burn. The piston ring is used to seal off the chamber and not allow any fuel to escape. Rebuild kits contain many parts such as camshafts and lifters that allow you to do a complete rebuild of your internal engine.